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I’m a professional writer and producer based in Ottawa, Canada. Thanks for visiting my website. If you’ve come this far already, I have no doubt that you’ll find something here that meets your particular interests.

Peter McKinnon - Writer

Who I am

I’m a relentlessly curious guy who loves to find out stuff and tell people about it. I’m a storyteller, a lifelong learner and a bit of a polymath, according to my brother. I’m also a talented, reliable professional writer and video producer who has never missed a deadline. I can prepare a compelling parliamentary speech or feature article in a few hours, but will do an even better job given more time. I have a talent for strategic communications and visual storytelling, and have produced hundreds of videos for broadcast, web and corporate audiences.

What I do

I write in all promotional genres: speeches, websites, reports, articles, multimedia scripts, brochures, advertisements and more.
I produce videos and multimedia presentations, and occasionally appear on camera or in voiceover.
I’m a communications strategist: I work with clients to identify and analyze target audiences and determine how best to inspire them—to influence their thoughts, feelings and actions.

About my logo

Writer: I write well in all promotional genres and have never missed a deadline
Scripter: videos, speeches, multimedia presentations
Correspondent: Two decades in television news and current affairs
Storyteller: Nothing is as compelling and engaging as a well-told story
Author: yes, I believe I have a book in me
Bard: I’m also a musician who loves to entertain
Raconteur: a little levity is a good thing


After nearly 20 years in broadcast news and current affairs, I moved into freelance writing more than a decade ago and never looked back. Today, I write for a long list of private- and public-sector clients in a broad range of genres: scripts, speeches, reports, articles, websites and advertisements.