Given that the web is an increasingly visual medium, I’ve deliberately chosen not to post samples of the speeches, reports and other written genres that comprise so much of my work. Please contact me and I’ll happily provide relevant samples. On this page, you can screen a few videos that I’ve written and produced in recent years.

The Perley and Rideau Veteran’s Health Centre is home to 450 seniors, including 250 Veterans of the Second World War and the Korean War. The work I do for the Health Centre – along with the Foundation that raises money to support it – is close to my heart. While it’s a privilege to meet Veterans and tell some of their stories, the best part for me is sharing the final product with them. Their heartfelt reactions make me recognize just how important and meaningful these projects are.

The Canadian Media Production Association (CMPA) represents more than 300 producers and individuals who create, manage and market Canadian films, television programs and multimedia presentations.

CMPA co-pro
This video is designed to promote Canada as a partner in international co-productions. It is aimed at the worldwide production community and emphasizes Canada’s broad expertise in all aspects of the industry.

CMPA promotion
This 2014 video communicates many of the economic and social contributions made by Canada’s media-production industry.

Lady Aberdeen’s Misadventure
Produced for the National Capital Commission, this video tells the story of an ill-fated trip that the wife of the Governor General took in 1896. It features a mix of archival photos, stock images and original video.

Les Allumettières
This historical video for the National Capital Commission focuses on a 1924 labour dispute between women match workers and the Eddy Match Company.

In 2012, The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation staged a series of town-hall discussions (From Headlines to History) in Ottawa as part of its 75th anniversary celebrations. I was contracted to produce a series of short bilingual videos to set up the discussions and was given extensive access to CBC archives. As a bit of a hockey nut, it was real treat to work on this one.