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Tales from 20 years in TV current affairs.

Tales: A Funny Moment at Canada AM

Live television news, like any real-time performance, is imbued with excitement and tension because unusual events occasionally occur: a microphone or light fails, a host stumbles or says something unexpected or controversial. Live bloopers can be hilarious and I played a direct role in a memorable one.

My odyssey through television news and current affairs included a year as continuity writer at Canada AM, the nation’s premier morning show (weekdays 6:30 to 9:00 a.m.). The job involved creating and distributing the show script, chasing breaking stories and helping out with production duties.Continue Reading

Tunes: We’re not in Detroit anymore

My sojourn at Ryerson in Toronto was an incredibly exciting time: along with the sense of unbridled freedom and self-expression, there was a world of new foods, cultures, music and friends. I hung out a lot with a guy in the same program from my high school; we hadn’t been close at home, but weContinue ReadingContinue Reading